Age of Conan MMO (Funcom)

Excluding trees and the character, I was responsible for most of what you see below.
 (modelling, textures, environment settings, lighting)
Built using Funcom's proprietary editor - Genesis, plus 3DS Max, ZBrush, World Machine, Photoshop...

I also made this mini-mission dungeon for Funcom's 'The Secret World'.
This is a You Tube link: 

3D Work update

This is a personal Cryengine 3 Sandbox project.
All of the models and textures are built specifically for this environment.
I created the island (heightmap and original textures) in World Machine.
 The rest of the textures were made in Z Brush - perhaps my favourite program of all time, with occasional tweaks in Photoshop or Crazybump. Assets were made in 3DS Max and Z Brush.
The granite shorelines are Max assets with ZBrush textures tweaked in Photoshop.
 All the foliage is from the editor's library for the time being...

2D, concept and illustrative work 

Other Work 

 Oil paintings (plein air)
(More at:

 Click below to see an older showreel on Youtube:


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